by From The Ashes

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released May 25, 2009

From The Ashes

Guitars, keyboards & arrangements: Jeremy Spencer
Vocals & lyrics: Harry Probert
Drums: Michael Saunders
Bass: Lachlan Macrae

FTA Horns
Trumpet: Dan Heskett
Trombone: Andy Serpell
Saxophones: Than Poynter

FTA Strings
Violin I: Rob John
Violin II: Aaron Barnden
Viola: Shani Williams
Cello: Alison Both

FTA Keys
Rhodes: Terry Hart
Hammond: Nicholas Roy

All songs (c) From The Ashes

Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Forrester Savell
Recorded at The Base Studios, Armstring Studios & Tom Larkin's studio
Additional enginerring & editing by Malcolm Besley

Artwork by Shannon Trottman



all rights reserved


From The Ashes Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Wave Goodbye
Wave Goodbye

Come on, rise and shine
You know you’ve got to wake the dead
For your strength knows no equal in this lifetime
Look around this place, nothing left to chase

In plenty of time
You know you can produce the line
That can lay to rest all of those
Bad dreams and nightmares

But it’s so slow
Just go slow with me

When I feel parts of life that don’t fit well I think
Second place is first loser and I
Wave goodbye to my philosophy on everything
Wave goodbye to me now

Wake in time, got to use your charm
And overlook what you took from those who went before you
I’m up a rung from where you hung
On your way to save the day from all those little demons

For the rest of time, searching for the lines
To the song you carried on in all of your collections

Hold on to the song you carried on
Track Name: Incendiary (The Trial)
Incendiary (The Trial)

Let them in quietly
You know you’re not supposed to have any visitors
When the lesson’s learned
You’re not supposed to fear
And your soul shouldn’t make a fuss
Because it’s fair enough that you try
And convict yourself in absentia

For mercy you begged on your knees, to no avail
Got to find another reason not to fail

All the evidence is there
You’re feeding the fire with incendiary tears
All the evidence is there
Swept away by your guilt-ridden smokescreen

Your defence must’ve fallen on deaf ears
All your judges are drowning in your tears
My appeals have run dry for you
And the hold that it had on you strengthens
I should mention I could’ve told
But you won’t allow hearsay

And you cry
Innocent, you cry in your pillow
Innocent, you fall into hell
And you cry alone
Track Name: Said and Done
Said & Done

When all was said & done with us
I lied to make you think I didn’t care

It was ordinary, just like drinking water
Second nature to believe the best was possible
The overtures of loving admiration
Dissolved and just evaporated
When our truest worlds collided

Beautiful despite our worst intention
Beautiful until the storm was coming

When all was said and done with us
I lied to make you think I didn’t miss you
I always missed you
Such an ordinary thing like sharing everything
Just doesn’t leave you
I always missed you

I went for you just when I was naked
Defenceless and in need of something
To keep myself afloat
But all the times we were inside each other
More like you were inside of me to find a place to hide

When all was said & done
I always denied feeling oh so ordinary

Time and life were never on our side
But we still fooled ourselves and made all those vows together
Track Name: Both Hands
Both Hands

No time to wait and speculate, a crucial meeting
Say something nice for someone’s sake, feels like we’re drowning
Behind the good intentions lie a lie
Designed to obfuscate, confuse and hide

All for expressions of intent because we’re honest
I said we’re fighting for a lie this time
The world’s turned into something I despise

Aside from everything in your eyes

Today because I’m not impressed I punish strangers
Seems petty but I feel so alive, so alive
Ritual addictions begin days, my world’s in motion
Keep up those fences man, you can hide
Build up your defences man, you’ll survive

Hold on, before you decide my sentence, I’ve got a defence
Hold on, before you decide it for me, I’ve got a story

Grab anything you can with both hands
Grab anything in case you lose your way

Won’t be like last time
Your plan holds water like it never did before
Won’t bleed much this time
And I’ll be at your back to catch you if you fall
Track Name: Channel X
Channel X

I catch your signal from heavens above
And I wanna hear nothing but you forever
I’ll tell you that you’re still the one
And I’ll even stick with you through summer
They may say you’re a waste of my time
I won’t listen because I’ll have you louder
They might see it one day
What I see on you

And I need you every night, all to myself if I can
Got to have you every night, all to myself

If you get them young enough they’ll follow you to the end of time
If you get them strong enough they’ll follow you to the grave

And we can all believe and all be forgiven via satellite
They’ll worship you just like the god you are

So confused by your illusions
Just clarify – who’s the master and who’s the slave
Does a halo come with a warranty or
Must I rely on the strength of your faith in me
I see your acolytes with papers and passwords who
Beckon to me, saying “fifteen minutes awaits”
I’m feeling okay, I’ve got you today

But I need you every night, all to myself if I can
Got to have you in my sight. Can’t sleep alone

Critical thinking suspended for a very short break
Watching them line up, watching them sign up to you for life

And they’re holding you in the palm of their hand
As they’re born, breathe and die
They worship you just like the god you are, satellite
Track Name: On My Way
On My Way

I can read all the lines between your thoughts
I can almost taste what’s behind your eyes
There’s a light above your halo tonight
Is there something you don’t want me to know

Always the smile then the question

If we were to bide our time just right
This could be worth waiting for, for you

Always the smile, then the question
Always the same room

I’m on my way just to say this to you
Not just some line to impress you

If I were to thank you for your love
Is that going too far for you

I’m on my way just to say this to you
Not just some line to impress you
I’m on my way, got to mean this to you
Not just some trick to confuse you, no

Don’t want anything but you want me to taste it
Don’t have anything but you need me to waste it
Don’t care anymore, you can even the score
Track Name: Project For A New Century
Project For A New Century

Run like a rabbit, hide like a fox
You can’t outrun yourself but you’re welcome to try
Lie like a ruler, fly like a bird
You won’t get past the sun – your waxen wings won’t hold you

You’re all right, so you think

Impotent hypocrite
Wail about terror as you rain it down upon
Innocent citizens
Cowering down in their cellars as they know that your
Arrogance has blinded you
All your followers line up to join in the
Massacre of truth of life
You’re in denial, such a war criminal

Cry like the persecuted, it can justify everything
All right, but they’ll remember you

Wallow in your victimhood
Nothing can stop you as long as you play on the
Bigotries of gullible
Fundamentalist apocalyptic
Evangelist psychopaths
Bent on bringing us the Final Battle between
Good & Bad, Us & Them
Is it your Project for a New Century

Enjoy it while you can because everyone’s onto you
All right, but they’ll remember you
For so long
For life, they cry
Track Name: Through The Looking Glass
Through The Looking Glass

Alone in your crying place
You’re an island, a fortress
Floating on a sea of choice, all alone
Are you telling me truly
I have no reason to doubt you
All alone I thought I’d leave you with nothing, all alone

But if that scared you, know there’s nothing to fear
You can hold me down in here

Open your sighing eyes
May an answer present itself on its own
It’s all you need to know
There’s a sign on your door
And a hole in your sky

If you feel it, it’s ‘cause you are alone
I can drive you home from here

When you say “is that all there is”
Does something fall into place?
Every time you’re looking in at me through the same old glass
If something breaks can you fix (me)

What are you waiting for – an easy way out you can live with
Now you’re praying for strength
Just to fight your way through the thick of it
In time you can call me a friend, (I swear) you won’t have to thank me again
All I want is to look at you in peace
If something breaks can you fix all the holes in me
Track Name: Candlelight

Wake me in a dream of your own design, one you can get inside
Where you and I exist outside of time, just for a little while
You think it'll all work out like a picture
I'll smile if it just works out ok
Send me on a quest for your grail, I'll be your Fisher King
Guide me past the traps on the trail, I'll be your everything
You think it should all work out like a picture
I'll smile if I just get you in the frame
Consider my love, enduring like a fable
That we'd have heard when we were young and wide-eyed
And when the dark clouds, are gathering
I know your Dalai Lama smile will be my candlelight
Wake me in a dream we can both fit into
Show me that side, the one that's never seen
You still think it should just work out like a picture
I'll smile if I just keep you in the frame
Who believes in me when I'm agnostic
Who keeps me on track when I derail